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In this section I give you cruelty-free options for our beloved companion animals. I do advocate a vegan diet for your dog. Most fare well on them as they are omnivores. Cats can be a little trickier due to the fact they are obligate carnivores. I believe it's up to the individual to make these decisions and also within their means. Here is a great link talking about all things regarding domesticated animals, including diet: Veganmeans

Companion Animals

Cat Food/Treats

Dog Food/Treats

Ami, Augustine Approved, Benevo, Biopet, Cerea, Dr. Chew, Evolution, Fruitables, Gather, Halo, Happier Pets, Hemp Love, Holistic Blend, Loving Hut, Max and Druffy's, Natural Balance, Natural Life, Paragon, PetGuard, Sam's Yams, SeaVeg, Slobbers, V-Dog, Veganpet, Vegedog, VeggiePets, Wet Noses, Wysong, Yarrah, Zendog

Bath and Household Care

Miscellaneous Pet Supplies

Pest Control

Changing Minds, Saving Lives
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