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Have a sweet tooth or the munchies?

Don't you worry, even when vegan you can have the snacks you love. Here's a list of vegan snacks you will adore.

Bone Char is often used in the sugar refining industry for decolorizing. Also check out the FAQ for more information regarding this.

Vegan tip: Beet sugar and organic sugar is always vegan-friendly.

Many countries in Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand, have banned the use of bone char in the refining process. However, if you purchase foods in any of these countries, it’s essential to make sure that the sugar they contain is actually manufactured locally.

Note: Make sure to always read labels.

Trader Joe's and Whole Foods (if you are lucky enough to live in the US) has amazing selection in sweets and food. Most are labelled with the V or the word vegan. They also both use vegan sugars.


Check out the Pharmacy/Health page for more snacking ideas.



Allison's Gourmet, Alter Eco, Aloha, Amanda's Own Confections, Amore Di Mona, (Dark) Angell, Animal Aid, Antidote, Beechs, Bella (New Zealand), Belvas, Bissinger's (dark),  Bixby & Co.,​ Black Dinah Chocolates, Bonvita, Booja Booja (UK), Brooklyn Dark, Camino (dark chocolate bars, Canada), Caracao Confections, Celtic (Europe), ChocAlive, Charm School Chocolate, Chip n' Dipped, Choc Chick, Chocolate Decadence, Chocolate Dream, Chocolate Inspirations, Chocolistic,, Chocolate Therapy, Chocolatl, Chocolita, Chocolove (dark), Choices, Creek House, Creek Island, Cocoa Bellissimo, Coco Loco (dark) (UK), Coconut Secret (3 varieties), Conscious (UK), Dagoba, Dear Coco, Denman Island (Canada), Divine Chocolates, Divine Treasures, Divvies, Doisy & Dam, Dr. Mercola, Eat Chic Chocolate, Eating Evolved, Elizabeth Shaw (Dark), Endangered Species Chocolates (dark chocolate), Endorfin Foods, Enjoy Life, Eskal, Essy & Bella, Ethicoco, Equal Exchange, Fabulous Freefrom Factory (UK), Forever Cacao, Fry's Chocolate Cream, Giddy Yoyo, Gnosis, Go Max Go (Buccaneer, Cleo's, Jokerz, Mahalo, Snap, Thumb's Up, Twilight, 2fer), Good Day Chocolates, Goodio, Go Raw, Happy Benjamino, Hemp Love, Heidi Dark, Hipo Hyfryd (UK), Hotel Chocalot (UK), Hu Chocolate, Intemperantia, IQ Cocoa, Jameson's Raspberry Ruffle (UK), JJ's Sweets, JoJo's, Justin's (dark), Kennard's, Lagusta's Lucious, Life Food, Lindt (Dark-- Excellence 70%, 85%, 90%, 99%), Little Secrets (confectioner's glaze is plant based), Living Lotus (Canada), Lovechock, Loving Earth (Australia), Lulu's Raw Chocolate Alchemy, LoveRaw, Madecasse, Mama Ganache, Meybona (UK), Miss Sweetie (Australia), Missy J's, Montezuma's (UK), Moo Free (UK), Moonbeam, MULU Organic Raw Chocolates (UK), Nanga by Nature, Naturata, Nelly's Organics, New Tree, Nibmor, Nicobella, No Cow, No How, Nohmad, Not Your Sugar Mamas, No Whey!, Obsessive Confection Disorder, OCHO (coconut), Olivia Chocolat, Oh Yes You Candy, Ombar (UK), Organica, Organic Fair (dark) (Canada), Organic Nectars, Original Beans (UK), Pacari, Pana Chocolate, Pascha, People Tree, Perfect Fuel, Plamil (UK), Premium Chocolatiers, Pure Lovin Chocolates, Raaka, Rapunzel, Rawganic, Rawmio, Raw Shakti, Rescue Chocolates, Ritter Sport (Marzipan, Dark Chocolate, Fine Extra Dark), Ritual Chocolate, Rose City Chocolatier, Sacred Chocolates, Salazon (all vegan but the sea salt and caramel), Seed and Bean (UK), SJaak's, Smart Bark, Sun Cups Dark Chocolate Bar, Sweet Riot, Sweet William (Australia), Terra Nostra, The Chocolate Wendy House, The Great Unbaked, The Raw Chocolate Co.,Theo​, Unreal (3 varieties), Vegan Treats, Vego, Waterbridge (dark), Wei of Chocolate, Zazubean, Zero Zebra, Zimt (Canada), Zotter

Baking Chips:

Big Tree Farms, Camino (Canada), Chatfield's, Chocolate Dream, Divvies, Enjoy Life, eSutras, King David (butterscotch chips), Laura Secord (semi-sweet and dark), Lieber's, Lily's, Made Good, Navitas, Oppenheimer, Pascha, Paskesz, President's Choice (Canada), Sweet William (Australia), Trader Joe's (semi-sweet)


Ah!laska, Artisana, Barefoot & Chocolate, Castle Kitchen, Chocolatl, Chocolinette, Chocoreale, Coop's MicroCreamery (vegan hot fudge), D's Naturals, Emmy's, Holy Kakow!, Hot Cakes, Jen's Zen, Justin's, Karin Lang, Liefie's, Love Bean, Monkey Butter, Peanut Butter & Co, Plamil (UK), Rawmio, Rawtella, Santa Cruz, Sunfood, Suzanne's, Sweet William (Australia), Valsoia Spread



*Note: All companies listed are not strictly vegan, so always read labels. Most have some that contain gelatin, however, I have checked all sugar sources and they use vegan sugars.

Candy (hard candy, gummies, caramels, etc.):

Allergycare, Allseps (Australia), Amella's Caramels, Angel Mints, Biona, Buddha Bears, Candy Tree, Capricorn Licorice (all except strawberry and raspberry), Chick O Stick, Chimes, Cracked Candy, Divvies, Eco-Vital (Australia), Ekorrens Ekologiska (Finland), Floridas Naturals, Fruit Fruit Naturals, Gin Gins, Glee Gum Pops, GoBio, Go Naturally, Go Organic, Goody Good Stuff, Hacizade Originals, Hawaiian Licorice Company, Hey Boo, Indie Candy, Jealous Sweets, JJ's Sweets, J Luehders, Jolly Rancher (hard candy), Jom, Just Wholefoods (UK), Kerr's, Let's Do... Organic, Lollipop Rooster, Lyme Regis, Mamba Candy, Maynard's, Millions (UK), Nomba,Panda, Red Vines, Rockets, Seitenbacher, Skittles, Smarties, St. Claire's Organics, Surf (Fruity Bears, Gummy Swirls, Sour Berry Bears, Sour Worms and Fruity Hearts), Squish, Tasty Brand, Torie & Howard, Trader Joe's, TruJoy Sweets, Vantastic Foods, Wha Guru, Wishing Treats, YumEarth


Barkley's, B-Fresh, Chicza, Epic, FragMints, Fuzzy Rock, Hintmint, Myntz, Peppersmith (UK), Pur, Sencha, Simpkins, Simple Mills (frosting), Simply Gum, St. Claires Organics, Trader Joe's, Vermints, Vitacare, Xyla (mints)



Cloud Nine, Color Kitchen, Dollop (frosting), Fabulous Fudge Factory (UK), Hey Boo, Holy Cow, Hot Cakes, Spun City, Super Foxy Sweets, Sweetsmith Candy Co.


Sugar (Other sweeteners include: agave, coconut palm sugar, date sugar, evaporated cane juice, fructose, maple syrup, rice syrup, stevia, sucanat, turbinado sugar, xylitol.):

365 Whole Foods, Alter Eco, Billington's, Camino, C&H Organic, Crystal Sugar, Domino Organic Sugar, Equal Exchange, Florida Crystals, Hain Pure Foods, Heavenly Organics, Just Us, Lantic, Madhava, Navitas, Native, Organika, Presidents Choice Organic, Rapunzel, Redpath, Spreckles, Sugar in the Raw, Western Sugar, Wholesome Sweeteners, Woodstock Farms, Zsweet


Ananda's, Angel food (New Zealand), Dandies, Glenny's (rice krispy treats), Gourmellow, Ricemellow, Sweet & Sara's, Sweet Vegan (UK), Trader Joe's (brown rice treats), Vegetarian Freedom Mallows

Various Snacks

Cookies/Cakes/Baked Goods (fresh and mixes):

Allison's Gourmet, Alpendough, Alternative Baking Company, Against the Grain, Andean Dream, Ardenne Farms, Ashley's Scoop and Bake, Back to Nature (a few varieties are vegan friendly), Badass Power Cookie, Barbara's, Barr Necessities, Better Batter, Better Bites, Better Brownie, Billy's Farm, Biona, Bit Baking Co., Bites of Bliss, Cappello's, Celeste's Best, Coco Roons, Complete Eats, Cookie+, Cybele's, Dillos, Dixies Diner, Doves Farm (UK), Dr.Lucy's, EatPastry (USA), E&C's, Eco-Planet, Edoughble, Enjoy Life, Erin Baker's, Everfresh Bakery, Fat Badger Bakery, Frankly Natural Bakers, Frooze Balls, GAGA for Gluten-Free, Gezellig Cookies, Gingerbread Folk, Ginny Bakes (dreamy vegan delight), Girl Scout Cookies (5 varieties), Gluten Free Klippy's, Go Big Oat, Gone Pie, Good Bites, Grateful Grahams, Hail Merry, Helwa Organic Wafers, High Hopes, Home Free, Isabella's, Jimmy's Vegan Cookies, Jo-Sef's, Jovial Crispy Cocoa, Julie's Original, Kaley's Kale Chips, Kea Cookies (New Zealand), Kizzy's Cookies, Koochikoo, Kookie Cat, Koukla, Kur Superfoods, Late July, Laughing Giraffe Organics, Laura's Wholesome Junk Food, Lazy Days Food, Leda, Life Food, Little Bird (New Zealand), Livia's Kitchen, Living Lotus, Living Ponochi, Liz Lovely, Lovemore, Mac-N-Mo's, Macro (Woolworths, Australia), Marge's Bakery, Mary's Organic, Maxine's Heavenly, Michelle's Naturally, Michy's, Mi-Del, MiMi's Natural, Mindful Delights, Miss Jones Baking Co., Miss Vegan Treats, Mom's Munchies, Monkey Wrench, Mrs. Mays, Munk Pack, Nairn's, Nana's, Nativa Organics (Canada), Natural Nectar (rice stix), Nature's Bakery, The Naughty Cookie, New Moon Kitchen, Newman's Own, No Cow, Obsessive Confection Disorder, Om Nom Nom Cookies, Orgran, Pipernilli, P.S. Snacks, Pulse Kitchen, Pure Pantry, Purely Elizabeth, Raw Cru, Raw Decadence, Rawmio, Rawzies, Real Breaker Snacks, Red Plate Foods, Simple Mills, Sin Dawg, Siren Snacks, Softer than Brittle, Superfood Snacks, Super Foxy Sweets, Sweet Earth, Sweet Lorens, Sweets from the Earth, Tasty Brand, The Cravings Place, The GFB, The Inspired Cookie, The Little Vegan Cookie Co. (UK), The Piping Gourmet, The Raw Bakery, The Real Coconut, Thrive Tribe, Trader Joe's, TRB, Tru Roots, Tutti Gourmet, Uncle Eddies, Wholesome Chow, Wholly Wholesome, XO Baking Co., Zhuzh!

More Snacks (chips, crackers, trail mix, etc.):

180 Snacks, Alive and Radiant, Angie's Popcorn (all but cheese flavour), Artisse Organic, Back to Nature, Bandar, Bare Fruit, Barnana, Basic Roots, Beanfields, Beanitos, Bell Plantation, Betty Lou's, Brad's Raw Foods, Brami, Brothers-all-natural, Chicpea and Lentille, Cobra Corn, Dang Foods, Earth Balance, Eat Smart, Element Snacks, Enjoy Life, Flamous Brand, Food should taste good, Garden of Eatin', Go Picnic, Go Raw, Gourmet Basics, Hail Merry, Healing Home Foods, Hippie Foods, I Heart Keenwah, Jackson's Honest, Jensen's Orchard, Just Fruit, Just Pure Foods, Jilz Gluten Free, Kapow Now!, Kettle, Kintaro, Lesserevil, Lifebites, Little Duck Organics, LiveKuna, Luminous Organics, Lush gourmet, Lydia's Organics, Mary's Gone, Masala Pop, Navitas, Nims Fruit Crisps, Nud Fud (Canada), Nuttee Bean, Made in Nature, Oh! Natural, On the Go, Organic Living Foods, Pacific Kale, Popcorn Indiana, Pirate Booty (Original Tings, Pirate’s Booty Veggie and Pirate’s Booty Barrrrrbeque), Plant Snacks, Popchips, Popped Chickpeatos, ProTings, Pulsetta (UK), SeaSnax, Sensible Portions, Siete, Simply 7, Skinny Pop, Smooze, Snack Out Loud, Snikiddy, Solar Raw, Spiced and Infused, Splitz, The Daily Crave, The Good Bean, Three Farmers, Trader Joe's, Tyrell's, Veggie Go's, Way Better Snacks, Whole Foods, World Peas, Yogavive

Granola Bars:

Cherryvale Farms, Kashi, Libre Naturals, Made Good


Alpro (UK), Belsoy, Bio-flan (Australia), BioVegan, Delamere (UK), European Gourmet Bakery, GoBio, Mori-Nu, ProBios, Provamal, PudologySimply Delish, Sojade (France), Sweet William, The Bridge (Italy), Wayfare Foods, Zensoy


Bakol, Coles, Cool Cups, Granovita (UK), Just Wholefoods, Lieber's, Natural Desserts, Simply Delish, Trader Joe's, Zen


Honey Replacements:

Agave, Bee Free Honee, Bumble Bloom, Just like Honey, Maple Syrup, Prism, Rice syrup, Sweet Freedom (UK)

Soda and Softdrinks (I will not include Coca-Cola or Pepsi on this list as it differs greatly depending on region. In most places, they have most all vegan products but always read ingredient lists and contact companies.):

Blue Sky, Cannonball, Dry Soda Co., GuS Soda, Hansen's, Honest Fizz, Hot Lips, Izze, Jones Soda, Just Craft Soda, Maine Root, Oogave, Organimals, Q Soda, Real Brew, R.W. Knudsen, Santa Cruz, Sparkling Essence, Spindrift, The Pop Shoppe, Virgil's, Whole Earth, Zevia


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