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What Does A Vegan Eat?

I wanted to create a simplified list for people starting out in veganism or anyone else who is interested in some new options. I have compiled a list of alternatives for vegans. A basic breakdown of 3 main food categories in which most people get stumped on, "what exactly does a vegan eat?" If you are from other countries and know of brands I can add to the list, please contact me.
Milk Alternatives

Let's start first with the basic types of milk alternatives available on the market: 7-grain, soy, rice, almond, chestnut, coconut, flax, oat, sunflower, hazelnut, hemp, quinoa, pea, barley, lupin, peanut, spelt, sesame, brazil nut and cashew.

"Milk" brands:

**Note: Most grocery stores with their own name brand now have their own brand of soy milk and sometimes other plant milks as well**

4 Care Balance, 8th Continent, Almond Breeze, Almond Fresh, Alpro (UK), Amandin, Australia's Own Organics (Australia), Banana Wave, Better than Milk, Bjorg, Califia Farms, Cedar Lake, Coconut Collective, Dinosaurs (sweetened condensed milk), Don Simon (UK), Dr. Chao, EcoMil (UK), Eden Organic, Forager, Full Circle, Fresh & Easy, Fronk's, Good Hemp (UK), Good Karma, Granovita (UK), Greenwise, Hemp Bliss, Hodo Soy, Holland and Barrett, Isola Bio, Joya Soja, Kirkland, Koko, Lactasoy, Luz, Rice Dream (soy and coconut dream), M Savers (UK), Miylk10, Mogami, Mooala, Morrison's, Multnomah Falls, Natur-a, Silk, So Delicious, So Good, Sojade (France), Milkadamia, Nature's Charm (coconut condensed milk), Nature's Promise, Nuez, So Nice, Naturli, Soymilke (condensed milk), Suzie's Qunioa Milk, Oatly, OMilk (NYC), Organic Valley (soy), Pacific Natural Foods, Pearl, Plamil (UK), President's Choice (Canada-- Loblaw's), Provamel, Pureharvest (Australia), Purely Bulk (Canada) (soy milk powder), Rebel Kitchen, Ripple, Rude Health, Ryza, Sensational Soy, Simple Truth organics, Simpli, Sprouts, Soya Delight (UK), Sunrich, Swiss Cereal Drink, Tempt, Tesco (Australia), The Bridge (Italy), Trader Joe's, Veggemo, Vitasoy, V-soy, West Soy, Wholesome Goodness, Wildwood, Yeo's, YU, Zensoy

Ice Cream *hint sorbet is normally vegan*:

Amy's, Ben and Jerry's (dairy free), BioVegan, Blue Mountain Cashew Creamery, Booja Booja (UK), Breyers, Cado, Chloe's Pops, Ciao Bella, Coconut Bliss, Coconut Secret, Cocoluscious (Australia), Coolhaus, Co Yo, DF Mavens, Divine Dips, Double Rainbow, Fiasco Gelato, Fravocado, Frill, Full Tilt, Genuto, Haagen Daz (dairy free), Halo Top, Hemp I Scream, Ice Supreme, The Jolly Llama, Julie's Organic (non-dairy), Klein, Lily and Hanna's, Lupinesse, Pleasantville (Canada), Raw Ice Cream Company, Reveri, Revolution Gelato, Rice Dream (soy and coconut dream), Mami's Foods, Mr. Dewie's, My/Mo mochi, NadaMoo!, Nana Nice Cream, Naturattiva, Nice Blocks, Nora's, Nutty Bunny, Oatly, Organic Oasis, Omega Cream, O'MY Gelato, Organic Nectars, Over the Moo (Australia), Perfectly Free, Sambazon (sorbet), Screamin Brothers (Maple & the Rhythm Pops) (Canada), Sharon's Sorbet, So Delicious, So Good, Tempt, Tofuline, Tofutti, Trader Joe's, Valsoia (Italy), Van Leeuwen, Vixen Kitchen, Zebra Dream, Zen Zen (UK)


​Alpro (UK), Belsoy, Califia, Coconut Cloud, Gay Lea (coconut whip), Isola Bio, Follow Your Heart (sour cream), Laird Superfood, Natumi Cream, Natural Bliss, Nutpods, Nutri Whip, Oatly, Organic Valley (soy), Provamel, Smackin Good (whipped), Silk, So Delicious, So Nice, Soyatoo (whipped), Soygo (packets), The Bridge (Italy),Tofutti (sour cream), Wayfare Foods (sour cream), Whity (coffee whitener), Wildwood, Yoso (sour cream) (Canada)


Almond Dream, Alpro (UK),​ Amande, Bryt Life Foods, The Coconut Collaborative, Co Yo (Australia), Daiya, Good Karma, Granovita (UK), Halsa (oatgurt), Joya Soja, Kingland (Australia), Lavva, Nancy's, Nemi Chia, Provamel, Pure N Free (Australia), Really Not Dairy, Redwood (UK), Silk, So Delicious, Sojade (France), Sojasun, Stonyfield O'Soy, Trader Joe's, Wildwood, Xotic, Yoconut, Yoso (Canada)


Basic Roots (Canada), Beyond Better, Bryt Life Foods, Caju Cream, Chambers Lane, CheeSauceChreese, Core & Rind, Dairy Tree Foods, Daiya, Door 86, Dr. Cow, The Cultured Kitchen, Earth Island (Canada), Emborg, Fauxmage, Field Roast Chao, Follow Your Heart, Free & Easy, Galaxy, Good Carma, Green Vie, Good Planet, Gusta, Heidi Ho Veganics, IlVeganino, Jeezini, Kingland (Australia), Leaf Cuisine, Leahey, Kite Hill, Miyoko's Creamery, Mozzarisella, Nacheez, Nacho Mom's, Nary Dairy, Nona (Canada), Notcho Nocheez, Notzarella (Australia), Nutritional Yeast, Nuts for Cheese, Nutty Cow, Parma!, Parmela, Punk Rawk Labs, Pure (UK), Rawmeson, Redwood (Cheezly) (UK), Reine, Sheese, Soyananda, Spread Em' Kitchen, Ste Martaen, Stokes, The Honest Stand, The Naturally Vegan Food Company (UK), Peaceful Rebel, Pulse Kitchen, Soyatoo, Spero Foods, The Vegetarian Express (parma),Tofutti (cream cheese, slices, ricotta), Trader Joe's, Treeline, Veganic, Vegan Rella, Vegcuisine, (simply) Veggiefood,  Vegourmet, Vegusto No Moo (UK and other parts of Europe), Violife, Virgin Cheese (Las Vegas), Wayfare Foods (cream cheese), Wilmersburger Pizzaschmelz (Germany), Wood and Water Foods (Canada), Yoso (cream cheese and dip) (Canada), Zengarry


Crystal margerine (Goldengate), The Cultured Kitchen, Earth Balance, Flora Freedom (UK), Kingland (Australia), Melrose (Australia), Melt, Miyoko's Kitchen, Nuttelex (Australia), Pure (UK), Saffola, Shedd's Willow Run, Smart Balance, Vitalite (UK), Zen Budda

Mac & Cheese:

Amy's, Candle Cafe (New York), Cece's Veggie Co., Earth Balance, Ians, Kim's Simple, Leahey, Maison La Grand, Namaste, Pastariso, Road's End Organics, So Delicious, Terra Vegane

Salad Dressings and sauces (cream based):

​Annie's, Daiya, Drew's, Follow Your Heart, Health Starts Here, Heritage, Holi Aoili, Imagine, Maison Orphee, Nature Isle, Organicville, Raw Foodz, Spread Em' Kitchen, Tessemae's, Victoria Vegan


Daiya, Earth Cafe, Food Heaven, Nabati, Wood and Water Foods (Canada)


Amai, Freaks of Nature (UK), Mud mousse

Egg Replacements


Beyond Eggs, Bob's Red Mill, Celimix, Eggcitables, Ener-G Egg Replacer, MyEy, Namaste, Orgran, Paneriso, PK Foods, Terra Vegane, The Neat Egg


Unsweetened apple sauce-- ¼ cup = one egg

Ground Flaxseed-- 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed + 3 tablespoons of water = one egg

Mashed Banana-- ¼ cup = one egg

Tofu-- Add ¼ cup to blender with enough water to smooth it out = 1 egg

Plain or vanilla soy yogurt-- ¼ cup = one egg

Soy Flour-- 1 heaping tablespoon plus 1 tablespoon water = one egg

Pumpkin Puree- Canned--  1/3 cup = one egg

Peanut Butter (pure)-- 2 tablespoons = one egg

Cornstarch-- 2 Tablespoons + 3 tablespoons of water = one egg

Arrowroot-- 2 tablespoons + 3 tablespoons water = one egg

Soy protein powder-- 1 tablespoon + 3 tablespoons of water = one egg

Chia seeds-- 1 tablespoon + 1/3 cup water (set 15 min.) = one egg



Beyond Eggs, Eggcitables, Follow Your Heart, JUST egg, MyEy, Spero Foods, Terra Vegane, The Vegg


Amisa (UK), Canoline, Earth Balance, The Good Spoon, Granovita (UK), Hellman's Carefully Crafted, Kingland (Australia), Life Free From (UK), Melrose (Australia), Nayonaise, Plamil (UK), Really Not Dairy, Solesse (UK), Spectrum, Tiger Tiger, Vegenaise, Wildwood

Meat Alternatives

Seitan, Tempeh, Tofu, TVP (textured vegetable protein)


The Abbot's Butcher

Alberts Lupine

Amy's (vegan list)

Artisan Grains

Asherahs Gourmet

Atlantic Natural Selections


Beyond Meat

Big Mountain Foods

Blissful (New Zealand)

Boca (USA)

Bounty Burgers (Australia)

BUBBA burger

Cauldron (UK)

Cedar Lake

Chez Marie


Compassion Foods

Delight Soy

Dixie Diners'


Don Lee Farms


Dr. Praeger's

Earth Grown (Aldi)

El Burrito


EuroFumeiro (Alheira Vegetariana) (Portugal)

Fantastic World Foods

Freja's Foods

Field Roast

Five Star Foodies



Fry's (New Zealand)



GoGo Quinoa

Good Life (UK)


Gutes von der Reichenau

Happy Veggie World

Harmony Valley Foods

Harvest Direct

Health is Wealth

Hemp Way Foods


Herta (France)

Hilary's Eat Well

Hobelz Veggie World

Hodo Soy

Hot Huck's

Just Green

Lamyong (Australia)

Lightlife (USA)

Linda McCartney (UK)

Loma Linda

Luna Burger

Macro (Woolworths, Australia)

Marks and Spender (UK)


May Wah



Moodley Manor (Ireland)


MorningStar (USA)

Muscolo di grano (Italy)


Nat & Vie (France)

Natural Touch (Tuno)


No Evil Foods

Now & Zen


Orientals' Joy

Paradis Vegetarien

President's Choice (Canada-- Loblaw's)




Redwood (Europe)

Rescue Dogs

Sanitarium (Australia)


Simply Balanced (Target USA)

Smiling Hara

Sol Cuisine

Sophie's Kitchen

Soyarie (Canada)


Sunshine Burgers

Sweet Earth

Syndian (Australia)

Taifun (UK)

Taft Foodmasters

Terranmino Foods

Terra Vegane (Berlin)

The Hearty Vegan

The Jackfruit Company


Trader Joe's

Tofuna Fysh

Upton's Naturals

Vantastic Foods


Vegetarian's Choice (UK)

Vegetarian Gourmet

Vegetarian Plus (USA)





Wegman's (USA)





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