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Sometimes it's tricky to know what is safe for vegans to take as far as vitamins and pharmacy items. Here is a simplified list of vegan products you can search for.


*Note: Not all vitamin brands here are strictly vegan, always read ingredient lists. All these brands are cruelty-free and have at least one vegan product however.

All One, Aloha, Arbonne, Ascenta, A. Vogel, Clear Products, Country Life, Delta Labs, Deva, Dr. Garber's, Emerald Labs, ESB Developments, Essential Living Foods, eVitamin Store, Freeda, Gaia, Garden of Life, Healthforce, Herbaland, Jamieson, Jarrow Formulas, Life Solutions, Lorna Vanderhaeghe's, Megafood, Melrose (Australia), Minami, Mr. Tumee (children's vitamins), Nature's Plus, New Nordic, Now, Nutrition Now, NuTru, Opti3, Platinum Naturals (website lists vegan items, also marked on bottles), Pure Vegan, Puritans Pride, Rainbow Light, Raw Green Organics, Red Seal (New Zealand), Rochway (Australia), SeaVeg, Simply Vegan, SISU, Source Naturals, Sprayology, Thompson's (New Zealand), Ultra Laboratories, Veganicity, Vegan Life, Vegan Nutritionals (UK), Veggimins (CBD), Veglife, Viridian, Vitaforce, Vitashine, Zion Health

Protein Shakes:

Aloha, ​Amazing Grass, Arbonne, ​Barlean's Greens, Biochem, Body Energy Club, Designer Protein, Dr. Mercola, Essential Living Foods, Fitppl, Garden of Life, Genesis Today, Genisoy, Genuine Health, Good Greens, Greens First, Ground Based, Growing Naturals, Innate Response, Iron Vegan, Juvo, Lifetime, Macrolife Naturals, Manitoba Harvest, MCT Lean, Natera, Naturade, Natural Factors, Naturally Splendid, North Coast Naturals, No Udder, Nuzest (Australia/New Zealand), Olympian Labs, Orgains, Organic Food Bar, Plantfusion, President's Choice (Canada-- Loblaw's), Progressive, Proventive, Pulsin (UK), Pure Vegan, Rainbow Light, Rawfusion, Raw Green Organics, Real Health, Renew Life, Ruth's, Shakeology, SoTru, Smoothie Life Co., Soylent, Sprout Living, Sunwarrior (Canada),​​​ Vega, Verda, Yaoh (UK), Yuve

Protein/Healthy Bars:


2 Degrees, ​22 Days, Aloha, Amazing Grass (All vegan except Chocolate Peanut Butter), Amrita, Arbonne, Artisan Grains, Art of Raw, Awaken (New Zealand), Bandha Bar (Atlantic Canada), Barre, Bearded Brothers, Betty Lou's, Bites of Bliss, Bobo's Oat Bars, Bounce (3 varieties), Brave Bar, Break-a-way Snacks, BudiBar, Bumblebar, Cavewoman Bars, Chimpanzee, Clif Bar, Cocofina (UK), Cocomojoe, CoGo, Core Defender Meal, Creative Nature, Deliciously Ella, Earnest Eats, Earthling, Ednaturals, Everything Raw, EVO Hemp, FlyJoy, Fruitus, Gnu Bar, Good Full Stop, Good Greens, Gourmie's, Greens Rush, HALO, Health Warrior, Heart Thrive, Hemp Heart Bar, Hippie Butter, Humbly Hemp, Journey Bar, Kind Bar (fruit & chia), Kutoa, Larabar, Lifebar, Live Smart, LUNA bar, Lydia's Organics, Just Fruit, Just Nuts, Kewaza (PB cookie dough), Kuli Kuli Bar, Kur Superfoods, Kutoa, Ma Baker (UK), Macrobar, Macrolife Naturals, Margalaxy, Marifit (coconut), Mrs. May's, Nakd, Nature's Bakery, Navitas, New York Superfood, Nii Bar, NOM Foods (UK), Nud Fud (Canada), Nude food, NuGo, Odwalla, OHi bars, Organic Food Bar, Oskri, Papa Steve's, Perfect Bar (almond coconut), Phive Bar, Picky Bars (All in Almond, Blueberry Boomdizzle, and Smooth Caffeinator), Phyter Bars, Planet Protein, PlusBar, PROBAR, Protein Puck, Pulsin (UK), Pure Bar, Purefit, Raw Revolution, Real Bar, Redd Energy Bars, Rise Energy+ bars, Ruth's, Sacred Earth Bars, Shanti Bar, Skout, Square Bar, Tahoe Trail Bar, The Gluten Free Bar, The Simply Bar, Soul Sprout, Soylent, Taos Mountain, Taste of Nature, That's It, Trace Minerals, The Grind Bar, Trek, True to Nature, Two Degrees, Two Moms in the Raw, UmChu, Vega, Wai Lana, Wholly Noggin, Yawp, Yofiit, Zego, Zing

​Painkillers/Muscle Rubs:

Chai Herbal Balm, Florentine (Australia), Herb Farm (New Zealand), IbuActin, Kneipp, Kuumba Made, Merry Hempsters, Olbas, Simply Flower Power (Australia), Sore No More, Sportique, Weleda, Wellinhand, Zion Health

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